The List (October)

Hey guys,

I’m so excited for this first international post, especially because I worked an idea out. You probably already know that I’d love to participate on some monthly tags, but I don’t possess the time. So I thought about a smaller tag, which includes about one week.

You can’t compare it with the „normal“ tags, because you’re not obliged to post daily pictures. It’s more about a list I’m going to create and we should work it off. Besides it doesn’t contain automatically that you have to fulfill the tasks only on Instagram, but in real life. Your tasks will have something in common with a book character – what would character xy do, if he/she would be in your situation?


Here’s your task list for October, 17th to October, 23rd:

  1. Hermione (Harry Potter): Before you enter school/university/work say „Cave inimicum.“ That’s a magic spell which will protect you from enemies.
  2. Layla (Dark Elements): Talk to a random person and tell him/her that you like his/her shoes.
  3. Akiva (Daughter of Smoke and Bone): Try to give somebody a fright when he/she expects it least of all.
  4. Della (Shadow Falls Camp): Pretend to be a cold vampire, ready for Halloween. No one is allowed to touch your skin.
  5. Dorian (Throne of Glass): Talk to your mirror image and confess yourself your undying love, while recording it. Afterwards send your admission to your best friend.
  6. Cal (Red Queen): Don’t complain about anything today and try to be helpful.
  7. Violet (The Jewel): Post a final picture on Instagram and explain about your new experiences and awkward situations 😀


I hope that some of you will participate and I’m looking forward to hear of your stories 🙂



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